Airport delays due to travelers who want vaccine passport but ignore directions – Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather

Gisela Steep

“Uploading the vaccine card is not easy. And unless you’re tech savvy, regardless, seniors are having a hard time uploading they carry card, or the phone features don’t have that feature to upload the card or vaccine card,” said Bob Burr, operations manager for Roberts Hawaii, the agency hired by the state to handle Safe Travels screening and verify documents. 

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You can buy in-flight food, upload your passport. New airline app does it all.

Airline apps are not a new point. Most airlines offer applications to make boarding and checking-in at the airport into a seamless course of action, particularly right after the coronavirus pandemic the place fewer human call is greater. Other individuals help with flight scheduling and ticketing. And numerous third get-togethers […]
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